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Mar 16, 2013

So you guys I just got back from the Anberlin concert, and it was amazing! Absolutely everything I hoped it would be. They played almost all my favorite songs, and then I realized just how much I actually loved them as a band. And as I sang along I thought of how each song had gotten me through certain periods of my life, and how much I really owed them that.

It just felt so great singing along with everybody at the concert, because most people I know haven’t even heard of Anberlin before. So being there, singing my heart out to my favorite songs, and having hundreds of people singing along with me, hanging on every word and every note together, it was great. It was like I was sharing a very special part of me with these people who could also understand and appreciate it as well.  I think it was halfway through the show that I realized these people loved these songs and the band just as much as I do, and that really meant a lot to me.

And I don’t know, just the ramblings of a fan girl I guess.

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